Thursday, September 24, 2009

tOday i want tO WriTe mY aSsiGmeNt..

BeFore thIs i ceLebrate hari raya With mY bEloVed Family..
Altough without my faMily,i aLso get Duit Raya From mY faMily tHe baNk in to my aCcount..
My frIend aLso gIve mE SomR duIt rAya BefOre hE go baCk to his Village...
thIs yeaR.....i sTay aT hoSteL tHis Hari fOllow aLL PERKEMAS pRograM...
lIke we PrePair BURASA,AYAM MASAK LENGKUAS,TUMBUK(it is traDitiOnal FooD ethnic saBah(BUGIS),,
EaRly morNing we gO to cOllege fOr pRay hari raya witH
HALUAN N exeCutIve leAder of KTD...
THen we baCk tO hOsteL...sEcond dAy..we aLL gO to PAsIr maS aNd vIsited aLL HALUAN.
third daY KaK aMirah haSanah iNvite We to gO to OpeN hOuse at shE hOuSe..dUring...bUsy ENjOy tHis raYa,,,I NeVER FoRGET mY faMily..WheN i Hearing TAKBIR RAYA i Cried aNd i caLL mY MumMy,daDDy aNd faMIly at SaBah fOr gEt tHeir fOrgiVeness...thats aLL...wHateVer...i eNjoyed This hAri rAya despite wIthOut my faMily....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tOday i Done mY asSigmeNt...

aNd i FinIsh mY tEsT..
tHat mAke me Cool...
hOpe i gEt a GooD reSulT fOr My aLL TEst..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Salam aLaik..

toDay iTz mY baD daY..

sHida aSk me Why me Sad n MooDy..
hOnestLy i dOnt kNoow WHY!!!

WheN in mY rOom,,my sIs GiVe me sOme aDvice beCause i CrieD!!!
oH my GOD!!! hElp me...

Mira,,Get a bAd rESult fOr maThematic papEr tEst...huhuhuhuhu
nOw i kNow wHy i gEt tHis ResuLt bEcaUse i fOrget to pray to ALLAh```
sO sAd...WHY i DidNt dO iTz!!!sO nOw,,,aLL mY wOrk mUst pRay tO ALLAh tO gEt sHelp fRom hiM!!! N AlWAyS tawakal....('',)
tHank You aLLaH ^^<<<

Saturday, September 12, 2009

this is mY sWeet FaMily aT KTD.....
i LoVe tHem

sHe iS mY sIster...we aLways dO sOmething tOgheter bUt nOw all that Can be sWeet mEmory...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

tOday iM fEel sleepY!!!!!