Friday, October 9, 2009

SaLam aLaik..

wUh...this mOnth i Had maNy probLem..huh!!!!
bUt iM haPpy when mY mum aNd my dad already buy ticket flight fOr mE to gO baCk to sAbaH Bah,, on 15.Dec....i Really miss them..but i haVe to study much like my cousin ask me that we go to study iTs aLso lIke JIHAD...sO thaT!!!iM sure thAt ALLAH aLways wiTh me...ThaNk ALLAH...
bY The waY i mUst pRepair to FINAL eXam nExt moNth..WisH mE luck k...

rMm,,newaY KeEp SmiLing..