Saturday, November 7, 2009

SaLam aLaik

eRm...todaY iM very tired...because i went to College to heLp eVeryOne there to CleAn our CollEge...

oN 3 pm i came baCk to hoStel beCause i feLt so sleePy..
dUring in the "tRansIt" i aLwaYs Yawn huhuhu

aT my rOom i CleAn mYsElf tHen i sleep well.."i fEll gOOOOOd.." =)

on 10 cOusin call me, she ask that KElaNtaN Lost whilE negeri sEmbIlan wOn..
yeEEEeeehhhhh....bEfore that i aSk to aLl my fRen,NegEri sEmbIlan will BecOme the WiNner..sO i Fell haPPy... HoneStly,,i LikE fOotBaLL.. hehe... tHe gRoup that i Like sUch aS MaNchesTer UniTed,,in mAlaySIa NegEri SEMbilAn... aNd My cOunTry "SABAH" altHough SaBah nEver bEcoMe a WiNNer.. =( tHe wAy... i mUst sTudy haRd to get KnowlEdge fOr pRepared mysElf tO sIt fOr ExaM..buT i dId'nt foRget to pRay to aLLah..n caLL my ParEnt to gEt sOme aDviCe frOm tHem...oH no... i wAnt baCk to SAbaH............

I miss mY faMily lot...
hOweVer,,i reMember mY fLight on 15.dEc,but my last papEr is On 10.Dec...Huhu i Have 5 daYs to hOlidays at keLantan.. hehehe

what Else??? huhu zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz slEepy huh!!!goooooD nIte~~~~
..wIsh mE lUck... tO all mY freN goOd LucK aLL....
maY gOd aLwaYs bLess We aLL!!!!